JLab Audio Go Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Best earbuds will always make you enjoy it when using them. Earbuds are available in different designs according to a brand. Some earbuds are completely wireless. Others may have a cable connecting the two earbuds. Moreover, when you will be buying an earbud, check on sound quality and comfort. You can also check on the noise-canceling feature, battery performance, connectivity, and others.

JLab Audio Go Air is one of the wireless Earbuds at the market. These earbuds are available in different colors. Moreover, they are among the most affordable earbuds. The earbuds are wireless hence no worries on cable tangling. Furthermore, the earbuds have an in-inbuilt battery and come with a charging case.

Design Features

JLab Audio Go Air Earbuds are available in the in-ear design. Moreover, they are available in different colors. They include blue, white, black, and green. The earbuds come with a compact charging case which has no lid. Moreover, these earbuds have a magnetic attraction with the charging case. These will hold the bud intact. It will prevent falling even when the case is held upside down.

Additionally, because the charging case has no lid, they will be exposed to dust & debris. Thus you will be required to clean the earbuds. Moreover, the charging case comes with an in-built charging cable hence convenient. But, it’s good to know that if the cable breaks, you will be unable to use that charging case again.

The charging case is made using plastic material. This makes it feel cheap. Additionally, the charging case comes with a LED light that lights when in use. Furthermore, the outer housing of these earbuds and the charging case have a JLab logo. Above all, these buds are 20-percent smaller than JBuds Air. This makes them comfortable on small ears.

Sound Performance

JLab Audio Go Air earbuds have excellent sound performance. Moreover, it is fitted with 8mm neodymium-drivers. This will ensure that GO Air gives crystal-clear audio. Furthermore, the earbuds support 3 different equalizer settings. They include JLab Signature, Bass Boost, and Balanced mode.

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JLab Signature mode increases the high & low frequencies. Bass Boost will increase the lowest frequencies. The balanced mode is made to give an even audio. It has no specific frequency increase above the others. But, these earbuds do not support aptX Low-Latency codec hence there will be lag. Thus it’s not suitable for watching videos.

Noise Cancellation Feature

JLab Audio Go Air earbuds have no active noise cancellation feature. But, the earbuds offer an optimal fit. This will block out noise from outside hence you will enjoy the immersive sound. Moreover, these earbuds come with an inbuilt microphone. This will enable you to make hands free calls.

Waterproof Rating

These buds are certified IPX5 waterproof. This means it’s coated hence will allow your buds to survive sweat & water splash. Thus you will use these earbuds when in an active workout. After some time of use, you can be cleaning the earbud more so the ear tip. This will help in improving its hygiene.

Battery Performance

JLab Audio Go Air earbuds come with a rechargeable battery. This battery has a continuous playtime of 5 hours. Moreover, these earbuds come with a charging case. This charging case will add the charging will give you 15 hours extra of playtime. Thus you will have 20 hours as total playtime. Furthermore, the charging case comes with an in-built charging cable. This makes it convenient when in need of recharging it.

Additionally, it’s always advised that you clean the charging contact. This makes it efficient when charging the buds. Remember that, battery lifetime decreases as you will be using the earbuds.

Comfort Level

The package of these earbuds includes three pairs of ear tips. These ear tips are made with soft silicone material making them comfortable. Moreover, the ear tips are available in small, medium, and large sizes. You will select the size that fits your ear.

Additionally, these buds are lightweight. You will be able to use it for long with no pain.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

JLab Audio Go Air is a wireless Bluetooth earbud. Furthermore, they come with Bluetooth version 5.0. This is the latest Bluetooth technology which gives more stable connections. These earbuds are independent. This will help in saving battery hence you will have more playtime.

Moreover, these earbuds need to be paired and connected for the first time only. Thereafter, they will be auto-connecting when they are removed from the charging case.

Ease Of Use

JLab Audio Go Air earbuds are touch-enabled. It is touch-sensitive at the surface where the JLab logo is. With a tap, you will be able to play or pause a music track. Moreover, you will also be able to skip tracks, change the sound profiles, and vary the volume.

Additionally, you can double-tap the left side earbud to switch to the voice assistant. This will allow you to use Google-Assistant or Siri.


  • Has Bluetooth 5.0
  • Comes with three pairs of ear tips, comfortable fit
  • These earbuds are independent
  • Offers crystal clear-sound
  • Comes with MEMS microphone


  • Touch-controls needs to be improved
  • Has no noise-canceling feature

What Is In The Box?

  • A pair of JLab GO Air Earbuds
  • A charging case with in-built charging cable
  • Three pairs of gel tips (small, medium, large)
  • Warrant document


JLab GO Air Earbuds are wireless and they offer the best sound output. However, JLab Go Air Is super cheap earbuds and its quality and specs can beat any other good earbuds like Jabra Elite 75t, Plantronics’ BackBeat Pro 5100, and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. These earbuds come with three pairs of ear tips. Thus, you will have more choices to choose from. Furthermore, with 8mm neodymium drivers, you will have a crystal clear sound. Additionally, the earbud comes with a microphone. Hence you will be able to make hands free calls. With the latest Bluetooth feature, you will have ultra-stable connections.

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