Nitrostat: Uses: Contraindications and Side Effects

Nitrostat is used to treat a type of chest pain commonly known as Angina. It works as vasodilating specialist by anticipating the muscles from tightening and walls of heart from narrowing. It helps in removing all the blockages and making the blood flow smooth and turbulent. It relieves the pain by overcoming the insufficient supply of blood to heart by increasing the flow of oxygen. In case of emergency it reduces the work load of heart and helps in working normally.

Nitrostat comes as a sublingual tablet. Do not chew or swallow it rather put it under your tongue or between your cheek and gum and hold for it to break itself. You may feel burning like sensation in your mouth as the tablet breaks down. This is a normal sign in most of the patients but not in all of them.

Special Precautions

Nitrostat along with other nitrates is not administered before the consultation of a specialist. Understanding may not depend upon the safety measures mentioned on the medicine for legitimate utilization and to dodge any genuine issue professional consultation is essential.

To prevent long term harm:

1- Tell our doctor if you are allergic to nitrate capsules, tablets and sprays.

2- If you have recently Tadalafil (CIALIS)consult your doctor because he may tell you that cialis controindicazioni (Cialis contraindication) include avoidance of taking Nitrostat and all other nitrates with it.

3- tell your doctor in case you think you will be dehydrated or ever had heart failure before.

4- If you are having any kind of surgery including the dental surgery tell your doctor and dentist that you are taking Nitrostat.

5- Ask your doctor if you are using any type of beverages so that he could recommend you a safe and secure utilization in order to prevent worse and regrettable effects.

6- If you are taking any medicine that causes dry mouth then use any artificially producing saliva product or chew gum to keep your mouth hydrated as Nitrostat is administered sub lingual.

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7- Nitrostat is used to treat episodes of Angina so it is usually taken per requirement not on regular basis.

How Nitrostat works?

According to UK Pharmacy Meds; Nitrostat not only acts as a pain-relieving agent but also improves blood stream and makes the patient feel attempts to play out all the activities expected to stop angina attack.


In angina cases one feels pin like sensation in the location of heart moving towards neck, jaw and arm. Nitrostat mitigates the pain by breaking the blockage and acts like a painkiller.


It performs the function of vasodilator by widening your blood vessels. This leads to an increment in blood flow through your veins and also diminishes pressure of blood.

Blood Pressure controller

During an angina assault patients’ heart is forces itself to build its flow thus pressure in veins increases. In that circumstance Nitrostat decreases the blood pressure by making the smooth muscles relax.

Side Effects of Nitrostat

If you experience unlikely but serious side effects of Nitrostat it is important to consult your primary care physician. As per UK Pharmacy Meds organization your specialist can give the most ideal solution and would help you in beating the peril.

Common side effects for Nitrostat are:


Dizziness is a feeling of being lightheaded, woozy and uneven. Nitrostat directly effects your sensory functions. It specially triggers eyes and ears activity and causes fainting.


Headache is symptom causes pain in head, neck and face. A Nitrostat causes pain by effecting the sensory part of brain. It creates torment like sensation in forehead or may along the sides or back of head. It is the common side effect which shows up with nitrates intake.


Vertigo is an impression of feeling off balance. Patient may feel like spinning and considering the world spinning around them. It is normally brought by inner ear infection that may be a result of Nitrostat intake.


Nausea is sensation of not being in balance. People with nausea have a queasy feeling that may range from somewhat awkwardness to anguishing. Nausea occur before vomiting, although patient can experience long periods of nausea without having any vomit.

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Vomiting is described as forceful ejection of substances of stomach by means of mouth. It is reverse peristalsis in response of any kind of discomfort in stomach or along the way of stomach. During vomiting food particles and problem creating substances in stomach are forced to moved out of the body.


Weakness is defective quality which reduces the strength, firmness and health of an makes you feeble and unfit to adapt day to day schedules. Absence of strength and power to do any movement.

Nitrostat warnings;

Nitrostat sublingual tablet is recommended with some warnings which should be kept in mind while taking Nitrostat for chest pain. Some of them are listed below;


Drinking alcohol or ant type of beverages can build the danger of low blood pressure from this medication. If there is an alcohol intake ask your doctor to prevent serious issues.

Allergic reactions

Allergic reaction to Nitrostat or any kind of nitrates is considered rare. But if there is any past history of difficulty in breathing or symptoms of sore throat due to nitrates consumption then visit your primary care physician as soon as possible because it could be fatal.

Pregnant females

Pregnant ladies are at high risk of infections due to decreased immunity. This drug should only be used if the potential benefits balances the potential hazards. So, talk to your doctor if your planning to become pregnant or going through pregnancy. This would not only save you but the new born also.

Breastfeeding women

Nitrostat may pass into the breast milk and cause symptom in the fetus who is breastfed. Consult your specialist if your breastfeeding our child. You may need to conclude whether to quit breastfeeding or this drug as it could be unsafe for the two lives.

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