Mistakes you Will Make in your Freshman Year

College is a learning curve in and of itself. It’s a trial and error period till the end, but you will have a blast through it all.

If you are excited about college, hold on to the feeling because before you know it you will be walking to the stage to get your diploma in your cap and gown.

If you feel nervous and want to do college the right way, here are some mistakes you shouldn’t make.

  • Not Studying Effectively

You will be surprised at how many students don’t know how to study efficiently and effectively. You don’t have to memorize the whole textbook.

Learning how to study smart early on will be good for you, in terms of time and grades. First and foremost, take notes in class and study from those for your tests and exams.

Teachers plan out the curriculum before the school year starts, and they have already gone through the textbook and decided which parts they will be teaching. So you will be wasting

  • Not Planning and Managing Time

Procrastination will be your biggest enemy. Don’t leave studying for that test till the last minute, don’t start writing that essay a day before it’s due.

You will feel so much more relaxed once you have things out of your way. If you are really short on time, because you are juggling other things try using essay writing service. They will help you out when you are in a time crunch.

  • Not Sticking to a Budget

College can get expensive very quickly if you are not careful. Make sure you factor in all costs and set yourself a monthly or weekly budget and then stick to it!

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It can be quite stressful when you don’t know where the money is going and suddenly you are not left with enough till the end of the week.

Being dependent on credit cards will be your worst mistake. If you are not good with money, stay as far away as possible from a credit card. 

  • Not cooking for yourself

Take outs and cafeteria food will not only get expensive very quickly but it is far from healthy for your body.

It is ok to treat yourself every now and then with taking out, but surviving on it is not going to be smart.

Learn some quick and easy recipes that you can make in your dorm kitchen. It can be a fun activity to do with your roommates and friends, and more important you will know what you are putting in your body.

It is also going to be a lot more budget-friendly if you start cooking for yourself.

  • Not joining clubs

Exploring different clubs around campus will be good for you. You get to meet new people, and you have something else to look forward to. It can be a good way to break out of a routine if you are stuck in one.

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