Six Classic outfit ideas that always stay in style

Fashion is a dynamic element that is embedded in our everyday choices. It continues to evolve and brings in a large number of exuberant changes to our sartorial choices. While change is the nature of fashion, there are some trends that have proven themselves against the test of time and remained classic even after decades of their conception.

These indelibly timeless combinations have won the hearts of generations and have somehow managed to adapt to the style quotient of the decade continuously.

It is safe to say that fashion completes the full circle of life and helps one relive the faint memories of a past, here is a list of classic outfit ideas that are always in style in some shape, way, or form. We have taken the time to curate a few looks that celebrate the comeback of older trends and help you look like the elegant style icon you have always looked up to!

Grab a cup of green tea and a notebook because this is the time for you to start revamping your closet. Are you ready?

Oversized shirts with denim

Oversized shirts on denim have been the practical choice for the last two decades. From A-list celebrities like Beyoncé to every other individual who identifies as a woman has worn this combination on a rushed day. It is simple, easy to carry, and also allows the wearer to accessorize it.

The combination can be worn year-round due to its sheer versatility. From wearing an oversized button-down with denim shorts to tucking it in a skirt, also you can wear supreme streetwear, you have so many options!

Timeless leather jackets with everything

A leather jacket is the evergreen accessory that helps you oomph up your style quotient by cent per cent. It is classic, durable, and compatible with almost any style. You can wear a leather jacket with your dresses, oversized shirts, and even on a bralette to exude the exorbitant vibe.

The key to buying the perfect leather jacket is found in its longevity and size dimensions. You can learn more about the best leather jackets from Skin Outfit. You can even find a piece that fits your style from the store!

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The little black dress and chunky jewelry

Every woman likes to dress up for occasions.

Whether it is an evening out with friends, a drinks night with colleagues, or a romantic date night with your significant other; there is one outfit that you can wear at all three events. And that is an amazing little black dress. It is a piece that you can wear from your adolescent years and continue to wear as long as you like. It is versatile and friendly for all ages.

You can wear an LBD to almost any occasion but that truly depends on the silhouette and cut you choose. Since it is often worn frequently, it is ideal to invest in a good quality dress or you can even collect a few designs to keep things spruced up.

Remember, chunky jewelry with a little black dress is the perfect combination for any event. Then of course, you can wear high heels, printed capes, and even a leather jacket to style the piece differently.

Stripes and polka dots

Stripes and polka dots are the safest prints. You can always incorporate them in your wardrobe without going overboard. Whether it is a blouse with jumbo polka dots or a blazer with fine stripes, you can rock both prints separately.

The best way to style stripes is to find them in a vertical pattern to shrink the curvature of a plus-sized figure. On the other hand, polka dots of a larger size are advised for petite women. Remember, you have the freedom to choose any print and pattern that makes you feel good. At the end of the day, it is your choice!

Floral printed dress

Floral prints sing the song of spring and sway on the rhythm of summer. They invite fall and celebrate winter. This is a style that is always in style and can be worn from childhood to seniority. The heaps of variety introduced in the market each year is proof that floral prints are an ideal choice to be worn during meetings, outings, dates, and even around the house!

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The key here is to find a breathable material and print that would not go obsolete due to its garish colors. Once you fulfill both criteria, you are all good to go!


Stilettos may be just shoes but in reality, they hold more value than any other accessory. The stiletto helps a woman feel elegant and adds a touch of poise to the wearer. It is a classic style that can be carried in multiple ways. From plain black stilettos to the red-soled Louboutin’s, from the embellished Jimmy Choo’s to the colorful designs by modern stylists, this is a shoe that adds value to an entire outfit!

Final Thoughts

But what happens when you don’t feel like dressing up and have to rush out of the door? In that case, the classic elements of makeup can come to your assistance. From bold red lips to cat-eyed liner you can pick and choose any one trick or do it all together; a face of light makeup is always appreciated.

Remember, fashion is constantly evolving. It brings new trends and new norms with the passage of time. But at the end of the day, it is always the basics that help one design innovation. The more you know about classic trends of fashion, the better you will get at styling the modern pieces.

Despite the age of trends you follow, you should always wear things that make you comfortable. You can incorporate anything to your personal style but trying to wear uncomfortable clothes to please an audience would only hurt your self-image.

That’s why; we suggest our readers to wear things that make them feel like themselves. Be you, for that’s all that matters!

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