Pros and Cons of Using the Dark Mode in Web Designing

We have all seen a rise in the use of dark mode. From WhatsApp to Instagram and even Apple, it is everywhere. So what is it all about? The dark mode is simply a light user interface (UI) that uses the dark theme as a background instead of the traditional white color, which has been used for decades now.  Black or grey color is used as the background as It reduces eye strain, and we can work better with the dark theme the background instead of the shiny white color.

While dark mode has been in use in personal computers for many years, as monochrome monitors used a dark background with usually a green text. Things changed around 30-35 years ago when white background took over. But Windows Phone 7 again started the dark theme, and virtually every mobile platform started using it within a few years.

Now we all know that dark theme is in and is here to stay for some time now. So, let me offer you what the pros and cons of using the dark theme on your website, blogs, and mobile apps are. It doesn’t matter whether your business is based in Dubai or Dublin; you can use a dark theme to your advantage keeping in mind the aspects mentioned below.

Major Advantages

Reduces Eye Strain

This is one of the major advantages of using dark mode as it offers really good support to the eyes. We all know how much time we spend in front of smartphones and desktop computers or laptops. One of the major drawbacks of using a white screen is that our eyes are against a shiny white light throughout the day. Blurred vision, headaches, and pain in the neck and shoulders are just a few of the examples related to the side effects of using a white background.

The dark mode reduces everything, and it is better for the eyes.

Increased Visibility in Low Light 

In the dark mode, we can see the text and other items displayed on the screen more clearly. The sharpness of the screen is very much enhanced in the dark mode. Also, imagine a situation when you are asleep or lying down with your eyes closed and someone suddenly turns on the lights, you will probably get a headache as you can’t open your eyes properly for some time. This is exactly the case with a white background, and that’s why a dark mode is used to offer a much better solution.

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With using low light, the dark mode fits the bill completely by reducing the bright light and makes it easy to see the content.

Saves Battery Life

This is particularly applicable to OLED screens as they can switch off black pixels when they are not in use. This considerably reduces the amount of battery used and makes it possible For any device to use less energy.


The Emotional Connection

The emotional connection is all about making things bright and the use of vivid colors to offer a sparkling display. Bright colors and lights usually don’t offer the type of bond or connection a website looks for with their target audience. So, bright colors can get bright emotions; in the dark mode, it can be pretty difficult to achieve this.

Low Available Space and Hard to Read

Just like the use of dark colors in our house and walls, dark mode seems to offer reduced space on the screen. Also, it is hard to read the text as all are used to read black text on a white background. So, it takes some good design to come up with a website that can make things perfect for a company.

The assistance from a web design company Dubai can help small businesses and startups come up with a design that is exquisite in nature.

Now let’s turn our attention to the most important aspect, that is, using the dark mode in web design to make visitors get the most out of this feature.

Make a Brand and Industry Stand out

The use of dark mode can make brands look really good as the design and colour are highlighted. There are specific industries like entertainment and gaming, which benefit a lot from the dark mode. You must have seen websites related to movies and music as the use of black background for a number of years now. This is not a coincidence as the designers working for them knew that the dark mode could make any design aspect stand out from the crowd.

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Throughout the history of web designing, the use of dark mode has been associated with products and brands which have a Prestige and status symbol. For example, famous watch companies like Citizen, Cartier, and Omega always use a black background not just on the landing in home pages, but also throughout the website. This is used to emphasize the watch as and a black background every watch, and its salient features are highlighted perfectly.

Final Word

Do you remember the famous Enrique song, “Don’t turn off the lights?” While it was not remotely related to the dark mode or anything with the websites, turning off the lights is what you can relate to the dark mode. It is akin to a website that not only looks classy but also a lot more sophisticated. So, for businesses, it is like an added advantage as their target audience looks for a sober in serious design rather than a bold and beautiful design full of colors.

The topic I have discussed in this blog is quite different as compared to all the other design blogs you may have read. That’s why I am sure that many of my readers would like to know something more about it or have a question in mind. You all are more than welcome to speak up and ask anything that is making you confused.

On the other hand, if you want to offer your feedback, you can do so by using the comments section below.

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