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How Can I Restore The Old YouTube Layout?

Many users still do not like the current YouTube Layout. The complaints about the new design of Chromium browser do not perform as well on non-Chromium browsers. Users don’t like how Google decided to make many changes to the old layout, changing the feature that it was originally famous for. You might be trying to conclude how to bring back the old layout styles, so, that’s why.

Among the many ways in which electronic cigarette users have achieved that is in many different ways. There is bad news about the workarounds, however, as Google is finding new ways to block them and always manages to bypass the workaround.

Posting the disable polymer=true parameter no longer works as it did before. Like the “Restore Old YouTube Layout” extension, there are a few plugins available to aid the viewer in previous versions of YouTube who are searching for something old.

Personally, many people on YouTube who used to tweak the YouTube script for storage and cookies and overwrite the default PREF value with f6=8. However, this method is not viable any more. If you’re a content maker, then you might want to try a YouTube promotion service.

How Do I Get the Old YouTube Layout Back? 

Google has decided to remove the old YouTube layout for good. This means that YouTube, as it currently is, will not be able to get back to the old user interface. It’s no longer with us.

The new layout focuses more on mobile devices, but some users do not like this plan.

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Suggestion: Use Improve YouTube

You can do this by using Improve YouTube, which is a framework that acts as a workaround for the YouTube format. Don’t be too hopeful; just take it easy. The extension does not bring back the old layout of the website. Except for some UI looks of YouTube in its mobile app, it helps with a bit of this Web Application.

Try out Improve YouTube Layout

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Final Words:

Here’s to the future of education. Unfortunately, some people are usually reluctant to accept the newest changes quickly. Even though the majority of people in the comments have rejected the new design, it is not surprising that a few of the YouTube users would not do the same. Over the years, people used a variety of excuses or workarounds to keep the outdated YouTube layout alive on the site.

Sadly for them, (the conspirators) Google has permanently removed the old YouTube UI from the platform. So, as the only layout of getting YouTube on your phone or tablet is to update, here’s how to make that update.

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