SEO Content Marketing Strategy To Drive Leads And Sales

Search engine optimization is directly linked to the content of the website. Quality content is required to rank up in Google’s SERPs. Moreover, quality content attracts a considerable percent of organic traffic. SEO and content marketing work together. SEO companies in Adelaide generally opt for an integrated strategy.

Since content marketing is booming nowadays, combining it with SEO could be fruitful for the website. SEO companies in Adelaide aim at generating potential leads and converting those leads to sales using content marketing strategies. In this article, we will discuss SEO content marketing strategies to drive leads and sales.

Define The Objectives 

This is the first and foremost thing to be done while formulating an SEO content marketing strategy. The objectives of the strategy should be specific, realistic, and measurable using analytics. The goals should be appropriately analyzed with the available vital metrics and KPIs. Moreover, the goals or milestones should be easily understandable by the employees. Some such strategies include educating the customers about new prospects and persuading them to buy. Maximizing retention is another important milestone.

Keyword Listing

Keyword research is fundamental in SEO content marketing. Keywords or key phrases attract a lot of organic traffic. It is advised to research a list of such keywords which relate to the buyer’s persona and promote your content accordingly. You need to make sure that the keyword is directly linked to the business. Keywords should match the searching intent of the customer. You can also use premium tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, or KW Finder to generate potential keywords.

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Content Research 

This step is all about planning and arranging your content according to the market demand. You need to conduct a market survey and keep track of the trends in order to plan perfectly. You should try to make your content a bit different and unique. This will help in ranking up in Google Search.

You could feature your content in the form of rich snippets, blogs, and posts. In the end, all posts should have a definite link with the customer’s intent and the keyword or phrase used in them.

Creating The Editorial Calendar 

SEO is a long-term process consisting of a lot of small actions. As a result, it is mandatory to keep track of everything in an orderly manner. That’s why you need an editorial calendar. The calendar will consist of the keyword, content related to it, the metadata, along the respective backlinks. All details about timings, approach, nature, and status of the post are included in the calendar.

Promotion And Backlink Building

Promotion of your content can be carried out in several ways. Social media and email marketing are considered to be the best ways. You can also promote your content through blog posts. This also gives insights into the user experience. Backlink building is another crucial thing about the website. It’s a relatively lengthy and time-consuming process. But this requires utmost importance as the functioning of the site depends a lot on the backlinks.

Evaluation Of The Strategies 

It is necessary to evaluate the results after a certain interval. This will help you to generate accurate analytical reports and optimize your strategies. Regular checks must be kept on the Google SERPs, page reach, post interactions, and conversion rates. Technical factors like page loading time and site speed also should be checked from time to time.

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SEO companies in Adelaide take care of all the above-listed strategies. SEO content marketing is a cost-efficient way to channelize heavy traffic and establish an online presence. This also helps to generate credibility and the trust factor. This increases the conversion rate, and the website ranks up.

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