Some Easy Beard Trimming Tips During The Corona Virus – Lockdown

Do you have beards? Are you wondering how you’ll take care of it during this lockdown, here is a solution for you? With the right tool, you will be able to trim it just like a professional hairstylist. People who have nice beards all they do is proper grooming. Trimming your beard will be a good idea because you will do it the way you like.

Trimming your beard is made simple and easy. Furthermore, it will help you in saving time and money which is spent in a barbershop.  Also, you will be free from a movement that may expose you to the dangers of coronavirus infection. A clean and neat beard makes one look decent and presentable. With guidance on how to trim your beard, you shouldn’t worry about the lockdown.

Some Easy Beard Trimming Tips during the Corona Virus – Lockdown

When carrying out beard trimming, some tips will help you do the job easily and perfectly. Below are simple tips for trimming your beard while at home during this lockdown time. Also, You can pick the best beard trimmer for personal use from any online shop.

Have The Necessary Tools

The first and foremost thing is to collect the necessary tools together. This will help in minimizing movement when you begin trimming your beard. Collecting the tools together before the operation will allow you to know which tool is missing. If there is any, you will be able to make the necessary arrangements on how to get it.

Clean The Beard And Keep Them Soft

A dirty and dry beard isn’t pleasing at all. It will also give you a hard time when it comes to trimming. Therefore you need to wash the beard. Wash your beard using a beard shampoo the reason being your head skin and your face skin are different. Your face needs much care therefore it’s recommended that you use the right shampoo. Beard shampoo will soften the hair which makes trimming easier.

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Drying the Beard

After washing, you need to dry the remaining water. This is done using a soft, dry and clean towel. Drying the beard makes it easy to brush or comb it.

Comb the Beard

The next step after washing your beard is to comb it. It is also recommended that you used the right combs and brush. When brushing your beard, you need to take a brush & run it alongside the grain. This will make your beard hairs stand-up & out. This will make it simple to trim and it will show you any variations in hair length.

Trimming Your Beard

The next step after washing, drying and combing your beard is to trim them in your favorite style. You will utilize clippers to trim the beard hair in your desired length. It is always recommended that you begin with a bigger-guard, to avoid accidentally cutting off your beard too short. The easiest style of trimming your beard is cutting it short and uniform all around.

However, trimming it in other styles isn’t difficult or complicated. The widely used technique is leaving your beard a little bit longer around your chin and shorter on the face sides. With this style, you will use the number three setting. Setting number 4 or 5 is used around the goatee area. This is roughly outlined by checking to your mouth corners & using them as the outer limit.

Trimming the Mustache

The mustache has thicker hair growth. This also should be maintained as short as your hair on cheeks & temples. If you’ve trimmed your beard with clippers, you should run them width-wise through your face. This will help in preventing the guard from being caught in the nostrils. When trimming your mustache (the hair between the nose and the upper lip) you can use a beard trimmer. Furthermore, you can also use mustache scissors which will also give you excellent results.

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Depending on the length of the hair you need to have, you can adjust the clipper or the scissors. Some people like it when cleared while others like it when the hair overhangs.

Define the Neckline

After all that, you need to trim the neckline. Trimming the neckline differs from one person to the other. The suitable trimming area is on Adam’s apple and you clear everything below it. Some people prefer drawing a line which also varies in style. When drawing a line, you need to extend it upwards in a smooth curve and form a shallow U-shape. Moreover, other people prefer tapering which needs to close trims until you get bare skin.

Aftershave oil application

After trimming your beard, you need to apply oil to moisturize and keep them healthy. Remember to use certified beard oil to prevent hair damage. After you apply the oil, you can run a comb to ensure that it is distributed evenly. Combing will also help in styling the beard back. You can also notice some missed area and you will be able to correct it using scissors.

Tools needed for Beard trimming

When trimming your beard, there is a tool that is required for the operation to be successful. Some of the basic tools required are;

  • Whisker Dam
  • Hairdryer
  • Round brush
  • Boar’s hairbrush
  • Comb
  • Scissors
  • Clippers
  • Clarisonic Alpha Fit
  • Mustache curler


With the simple step above, you shouldn’t be worried about trimming your beard at home. If you are serious about having your beards, then you should be able to take care of them. A well-groomed beard will make you clean and neat. After trimming your beard remember to collect the hair and put it in the right place for hygiene purposes.

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