The 5 main benefits of Joomla CMS

Being created in 2003, the Joomla CMS quickly became one of the most popular choices for web developers around the globe, and not without a reason. The content management system is very flexible and allows users to create a variety of websites ranging from personal to business ones.

But is this the only major benefit? Certainly not. Below you’ll see the other major benefits.

A strong system for creating and managing blogs

If you fear that you don’t have the knowledge or programming skills to develop your website, don’t worry, there are many Joomla development services who will be more than willing to set up your blogging site for a cheap price. 

A few lines of code and you’re up and running. The only thing you need to worry about is quality blog posts and, of course, publish them on a regular basis.

Website building is the main and the most important thing, but do not forget about search engine optimization as well. This new start-up phase should go side by side the whole of creation of website. There are a lot of plans for clients SEO packages and prices. It is necessary to choose the most appropriate 


The system has more 8000 free extensions and plugins in 33 categories that you may add to your website. I’m talking about social media widgets, customization forms for generating leads and setting up support systems on website.

Like any other product on the internet, extensions and plugins have a 5-star rating systems which allows you to decide the best one for your website.

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A user-friendly design

Joomla’s main appeal to webmasters and developers is its main function, which is, of course, content management. First it allows you manage registered users on the website with various permission levels without any annoying tab switching and getting lost in different sections of a website. 

Second, it places the content in a streamlined manner, so you can quickly access any post on the website without too much thought into it. 

For example: Website>Blog>Fitness>2016>5 tips for working out at home. This not only saves time but contributes positively to SEO, since the categorization of content in Joomla is great to read from for search engines.

Strong user community

If you get lost at any step developing a website yourself or by asking your webmaster, again, don’t worry, the community has your back. The support/problem-solving community of Joomla involves more than 200 000 regular users. 

That means, whenever you have an issue, you can just access the forums and read about it or ask the community directly. Since the CMS is completely open-source, users themselves report and solve various problems faced by the community. Joomla is created by regulars for other regulars, so to say.

Built-in Basic SEO functionality

Last but not least, this CMS has many built-in SEO tools that you may use to your advantage. One of those tools is the Search Engine Friendly URLs. It shortens your page URL to make it easier for the search engines to read from.

Moreover, it allows you to fill in the meta information on all your pages. Meta titles and Meta descriptions are what users see when “Googling” a certain query. Moreover, it provides more information to the search engine about your website’s or page’s content.

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In other words, Joomla allows to create a basic SEO setup without the need for additional spending or developments.

To sum it all up

Joomla is great for publishing and managing your content, offers a good design and is flexible in terms of use, thanks to its extension possibilities. Personally, I believe that the system will continue growing since so many of its users contribute to a great extent.

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