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How to Keep Kids Safe Online

Internet is a blessing or a curse both any kind of content can a search by the user. Many kids are confident that they use internet safety but somehow did not know about the consequence of their actions that’s why kids are targeted by cyberbullies. Mobile location tracker is best to control these issues.


internet is useful for kids but when they can use it for research reports communicate with teachers and other class fallows but online access to every kid main be in risk using different apps and websites where kids are in fact have many Predator parachutes aware of their kids’ activities. There are many guidelines that keeping your kids safe one of the best cell phone tracker. This is difficult to save your kids properly for use of the internet but if you have parental control on your child’s computer you see all activity of your child. Cell phone tracker


To checkup on a child is important because there are a huge amount of predators are online who track your child. There are also much sexual content, graphics content, or the download inappropriate sites and absences and instead of this some malware infection areas also affect computers.

Use of FamiSafe app 

FamiSafe is a reliable Parental Control app that is useful for parents to control on child’s phones.  This app is used to track your child’s location. Famisafe use to monitor your child activity

This app also used to monitor the tablet’s iPad iPhone android there is no need for any jailbreak or rooting device to track your child’s device. The major and powerful feature is to track your child’s location.


Web Filters 

There are many solutions to look at your child’s activities.FamiSafe provides many web filter to parents

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Filter the websites

Controlling a child there are several filters that are provided by FamiSafe use of famine filter website are depending on different categories some categories also include violence


 Block the apps

Parents should block the specific as that they believe that they are not productive safe for their child site they have a complete lock for all   apps

 Record the activity

FamiSafe also an important activity of your child this site also track your child phone

 Check daily activities

FamiSafe site help you to check on your child  it also looks like a phone tracker where is Children’s go you know about their activity parents should give you a timeline of your child’s

 Uninstall the app’s tracker

Can also see the apps that the child has installed or an installed desi warn your child.

Detect suspicious images

Also helps parents to detect images that is stored in their phone parents if instead message when they open any wrong site

 Monitoring social activity

Parents should set the social network their friend these Specialists are also available for tracking your iPhone

Mobile Support

You can check your child’s location at any time or from any place.

Track real-time location

It is a powerful prayer and control software that provides you to track your chat without any call and text. This app provides you the application of your child at a specific time

 See location history

Also, keep the history of your child visiting places this feature also helps you to understand your child’s behavior and interest.

 Set the geophones 

This helps you to receive a notification when your child arrives and leaves will be alerted when your child   enters an unsafe zone

 Manage screen time app

This App helps you to control your child and help you to know about how much your child spent time in a certain app or in mobile phones

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Monitor screen time

Also, receive a detailed inside fauna how much time is pending in a day week or month in screen also know in which time your child are most active

Fashion screen time

you can also use the child’s mobile. you can set different restrictions on the day of the week when time is  finished the device automatically disables can also set limited time for specific apps


The solution ire

  • You should keep an eye on your child’s activity.
  • You should familiar with the internet and know about which site is good or not
  • Parents should spend time with their child what they can do and cannot do online
  • Parents should teach their child to don’t use or post personal information online
  • Parents should ask children to use social networking
  • Parents should check regularly about their internet use of their child’s


The pros of FamiSafe are

  • It monitors the YouTube videos also
  • It gave the notification to a child with geofencing
  • It tracks the photos and also alerts the parents


There are some cons of the use of FamiSafe

  1. This is not work in desktop
  2. Location tracking and browser history are also available on android.


FamiSafe is god app for web filtering and the main feature is geofencing that helps you to track your child’s location and every activity. But sometimes it also alerts the parents for offensive words. FamiSafe is affordable for anyone for the safety of your child.

Download the FamiSafe App from Google PlaystoreApp Store / Amazon.

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