7 Challenges Faced By a Modern Web Developer

As technology is evolving at a high fast speed and every time it is bringing new challenges in the web development industry to create lasting and successful business solutions. Every web development process is a dream, to be accomplished only with the right web design for you. The enterprise web development helps the businesses to boost the automation process that will eventually boost the revenue factor. However, web development is evolving at a fast rate. High quality and customer-friendly interfaces are in great demand. When it comes to developing a thriving web application there are a number of challenges that a modern web developer experiences for defining that success.

In this highly competitive marketplace to stay ahead from the competitors, you need to attract your customers towards different aspects of your product such as its affordable cost, look and feel. Well in this write up we are going to discuss some major challenges that web developers face during the Web Development phase. Before moving ahead it is important to keep in mind that every day presents its own set of challenges to the developers so you need to hire a developer from a top Android app development company in UK who know all the latest strategies. So below listed is a major one according to my experience. Let’s have a look:

  1. Design and user experience

As we know that design plays an important role in grabbing the attention of the users. It adds value to the functionality of the application and cannot be ignored as a second thing. It is a well-known fact that users don’t fix one typical device to use your website or web application, so it is extremely significant to give your users the best experience possible by offering the best functionalities coupled with the right design and interface factors attached. It is the major challenge faced by any web developer to make the website equally functional on the range of the diverse platforms depending on device resolutions, technologies and most importantly screen sizes. To overcome this challenge you need to check the bugs regularly and add the set of attention-grabbing features to make a variation with the website you have developed.

  1. Managing the Content 

Without any doubt, content is the king and it is the most important thing that is written on your websites. It is above and par just being a few words compiled in one sentence. Every website attracts its users due to its appealing design and then the content management, which is highly informative and captivating to keep the target audience busy. Content written on the website should be informative, interesting and clear. For web developers, the most difficult feature arises, when due to any network issue or failure the content is not uploaded fully on the website. To resolve this challenge the developer needs to use various types of content management tools which help in optimizing the website and deliver the hassle-free solutions.

  1. Speed

The speed of the website is something that cannot be overlooked at any cost. The performance along with usability is also something Web Developers have to all the time bear in mind throughout the development phase. Each and every action that we take during development has the power to impact the performance of the website hugely. This feature may also have some effect on your overall business. For web applications, the performance and loading time of the website is the main challenge. The loading time is a vital thing to think about if you want to make your business popular. As a brand or a service provider, you should always think about the website loading time optimization before everything else while developing a fresh product. Web developers need to bear in mind while developing a web app to avoid glitches such as loading issues, poorly written codes to make certain that business apps and websites deliver a good performance.

  1. Knowledge of framework 

 To stay ahead in this competitive market having good knowledge about various frameworks is the best start for development. Using the right platform along with the right set of frameworks boost speed and extends the coding capabilities of the developers. Different type of frameworks offers different features that help in developing dynamic web applications. So it is the sole duty of the top iOS app development company in UK to understand the business requirements and then deliver results after understanding the company needs related to website and application development. For example, a blogging website needs a simple online presence and for which you require a web platform such as WordPress but a selling website needs a platform like Shopify or Magento.

  1. Simple and intuitive design

Without a doubt, websites are already gaining more and more recognition among brands and businesses are realizing their value and more and more customers are responding to it completely. The web application users often look for an easy and intuitive design that is responsive to their direction-finding needs on the website. The design of the website is something that most of the developers overlook, unfortunately. Now, this is the main challenge that developers face with internet users. If the demands of the user are not fulfilled in a given time then users lose and simply move on.

  1. Lack of scalability

This is one more thing that users mainly look forward to while using a website or web application and most of the developers quite fail to meet. Thus developing a highly scalable product will help you obtain potential customers as well as maintain the good links with old ones. To add value to the business website high scalability of your web app is important. Scalability has nothing to do with the framework or performance. It is all about balancing the stack that you choose to run on various servers.

  1. Having the right team of experts

Last, but not the least challenge that most of the web developer’s face is having the right team of people working on a project. If you have the right group of people with you then you will achieve success. A balanced team with different skill sets helps in achieving the business standards effortlessly. This is the point where most of the web app development companies are struggling. According to an investigation conducted in 2017 that shows only 55% of companies are nailing it when it comes to offering high-quality performance.

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Hopefully, the above mentioned are the challenges that you are looking for. With this write up we are happy to help you in getting the right information you were looking for. We are happy to help you. In case you have any sort of questions related to web application development then you can feel free to post your query in the comment section. We will be more than happy to assist you in this part.

Moreover to this one more thing that we want to advise for you, in the case as a web developer, you find that your development team is failing to achieve targets in the given time then it is good to take care of that particular aspect first in which you are lacking.

Author bio: Meenakshi Mamgai is a Senior Content Writer at Mobileappdiary who has written on various topics related to mobile app development, latest technical news, Mobile app design, web development, and social media platforms for the past 5 years. Having a strong academic background in writing makes her a creative, sharp, thoughtful, and intellectual writer. Being an expert she loves to explore new ideas related to mobile technology.

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