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How Digital Marketing Helps an Entrepreneur

The Internet is already implanted in our lives and we cannot conceive of leaving home without our connected smart mobile phone.

In this growing environment in which the Internet is more social than ever, it is important to know how to take advantage of the business opportunities it offers to Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.

Surely if you are a self-employed entrepreneur you will believe that advertising on the Internet is not within your reach or that it seems difficult for you.

No matter how small your business is, be it online or local, you should be present on the Internet if you want to grow and sell more and bet on Digital Marketing.

Your business starts with a Google search

Imagine that you have a small electrical company and a person enters Google and searches:

“Electricity Company in León”

Well, to achieve this, or at least get closer to the top positions, there are various techniques that you can carry out.

All these techniques together make up what we know as DIGITAL MARKETING.

What is Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs?

The main objective of our presence on the Internet is for someone to hire our services, right?

Do you think that entrusting the design of your website to your cousin or brother-in-law is enough for people to find you?

For your potential clients to locate you and get in touch with you, there are many ways on the Internet to grow your brand.

For the type of company that you surely are (small or medium), I am going to show you a very simple strategy based on 5 fundamental points:

  1. Create your website
  2. Work on your positioning in Google and other search engines (SEO)
  3. Use email marketing
  4. Boost your presence on Social Networks with interesting content.
  5. Hire advertising: Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

With these 5 pillars, an entrepreneur and/or self-employed can generate adequate visibility that can generate very good results in a few weeks:

1. Create your website

If you want a potential client to contact you and be able to hire your services on the Internet, it is essential that you have a quality website.

If your website is old, ugly, and contains a lot of irrelevant information about your business that the only thing it will do is drive away your visitors, do you think it is worth having it?

Imagine that you walk into a shop or a local business and they have the floor without sweeping, the walls with humidity, the products untidy and a lot of other misfortunes…

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Well, you have to be clear that your website is the image of your company on the Internet.

If the image you give is bad, your visitors will leave and you will not sell anything. Nothing!

This point is the most important in your Digital Marketing strategy.

What sections should a website have?

As I already told you in a previous post entitled how a website for digital entrepreneurs should be, a website can have sections that you can think of and you can put a lot of information in it.

But the main sections to have a quality website are:

  • Homepage
  • About me/us
  • Products and/or Services
  • Blog
  • Contact

As in this post, I am talking about positioning in Google and having a presence in social networks, it is very important that you start thinking about your facet as a writer or look for someone to help you because the inclusion of a blog to publish on your website it will be a very important point.

When creating content you should think about those problems that your potential clients may have.

You must create content that helps them solve their concerns so that they can see you as an expert in the field of your business.

This way you will not only get them to find a solution, but they may decide to hire you to do it.

2. Work on your positioning in Google and other search engines (SEO)

Question: How do you want people to find you in a search engine?

  • Electricity Company?
  • 24H electricians?
  • Electricians for companies?

Depending on how you want to be located, you should work on the use of certain keywords in all the texts on your website.

Use titles and descriptions of the sections that enhance those words, in the URLs, etc.

That way you will be able to better position your business in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Create an account of your business in Google My Business

One of the most effective channels to improve the positioning of an entrepreneur on the Internet is the ‘My Business’ tool from the giant Google, a free tool with which you can improve your presence and visibility.

With ‘My Business’ you will get your company to appear in Google with a tab on the right of the screen with all the information of your company that you have configured in the tool and thus visitors will have in a single glance your various data quickly.

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3. Use email marketing

One of the most efficient ways to be in contact with clients or potential clients is by email.

When a user who enters your website gives you their email address because there is something about your business that interests them, you have a treasure.

Use the email of your subscribers or users wisely.

Do not attack them with topics that do not enhance your image or your sales.

4. Boost your presence on Social Networks with interesting content

Depending on the type of business you have, it is advisable to use one social network or another.

It is better to be in a few and be well, than not to try to cover too much and give the feeling of abandonment.

It is important that you understand that in each social network the type of public may be different and you may not be interested in being in any of them.

Make your website visibly show the social networks in which you are present and always allow you to share your content to achieve the greatest possible virality.

5. Hire advertising: Google Adwords and Facebook Ads

Although it costs us all to pay, and much more for advertising, two of the most effective and profitable ways to advertise online are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Google is the search engine most used by people, so everything you can do to appear in the first positions is little.

If you appear organically (natural positioning) it is perfect, because that means that your content is of great value for the related search.

But if you prefer to do more short-term work and receive more immediate results, I’m sorry, but you have to spend some money … and in this case, Google Adwords is the best option.

The other option is Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads has great potential because, without having to invest large amounts of money, you can achieve good results, thanks to the fantastic segmentation it offers.

In this way you can better focus the shot of your ads towards those who are really your potential customers, leaving aside what does not interest you.

Author Bio:

My name’s Muhammad saad, I am a professional guest blogger. I am working as a guest blogger at exytex software house. And I love to write articles on valuable topics.

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