How the Right Social Media Strategy Can Increase Business Value

Contrary to popular belief, adopting social media does not mean that you are following the herd mentality. A lot of people believe that social media has a negligible impact on their business. Hence, they refrain from using it personally or professionally.

However, for entities that are starting out or are looking at gaining a little more traction, using the right social media marketing strategy can work wonders for you. It can help in increasing the valuation of your company if it is planned efficiently and managed effectively. To that effect, here are some reasons why you should adopt social media for adding value to your business.

Five ways a proper social media strategy can help you

Here are five ways which will help in increasing the value of your social media business:

Helps in Raising brand awareness

Create brand awareness using targeted social media

Social media is definitely one of the most effective tools available in a marketer’s repository for increasing brand recognition effectively. It can help you reach the right demographic and turn sales in your favour. Based on a study conducted by ChatThreads and Ogilvy & Mather in the year 2011, social media has proven to have quite a positive impact on shifting the perception of the brand. Additionally, it is also seen that people are able to pay a much higher valuation for a brand which comes with a strong image. So, it is beneficial to you in terms of B2B and B2C- both ways. Hence, the primary advantage of going for social media is for changing negative perceptions and also for increasing brand awareness positively.

Grow sales

Grow sales by using correct social media moves

There is no denying that a lot of our branding and visibility in the digital marketing space is associated with social media. Most tech-savvy marketers realize that most of the top social media sites offer quite a lot of tools which help in increasing the sales of the business. Your campaigns do not necessarily have to be qualitative or there for keeping up the image of your brand. They can be sales-centric too, and you can use tools like boosting and target audience to drive sales. released a recent article where three different examples were cited to prove this point.

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The first example covers how a Dell outlet experienced a hike of about 3 million USD using Twitter, while in another- a sales for Starwood recorded a hike of nearly 2 million USD through a successful Facebook campaign. Additionally, if we look at another measure-then about a 1,600 per cent rate of interest was recorded for VMware with the help of a Google+ Hangout campaign.

Over our time in the industry, we have noticed that most successful of business endeavours utilize new avenues for consistently expanding sales. These avenues are decided based on the preferences of the acquirers. Most acquirers are consumers are up to date with attractive tactics. The more the confidence an acquirer shows in the business, the higher the potential of the valuation becomes.

Enhance the reputation of your company in the industry circle too

Enhance your social media by using social platforms moves correctly

The social media market is so vast that there is something for everybody. When it comes to making B2B connections, LinkedIn is leading the social media work pack. This site makes it simple for all individuals to make connections in the industry. As per LinkedIn, nearly 60% of members in the industry are keen on garnering insights from this industry dominated channel. LinkedIn is a primary driving force when it comes to positioning your crucial management position as though leaders.

You can do this by sharing different industry insights that intrigue you, posting original and relevant content or even for initiating LinkedIn group discussion. This can help in boosting the business leadership’s image as well as the business. Most investors seek out really successful companies which are highly likely to have visibility in the industry. So, you can use the right LinkedIn strategy to attain the same.

How Can The Right Social Media Strategy will help your brand?

Improve satisfaction on the customer’s end

Improve satisfaction of customers by using right social platforms strategy

The happier the consumer, the more likely your business-customer relationship will enhance. Today, nearly 74% of internet users utilize social networking sites for increasing their internet base as per Pew Research. Especially in cases, where millennials are your target group, expect them to communicate better with your business through social media.

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If the business does not proactively engage with the customers and get queries addressed in real-time, then your investment is sure to question your ability to retain a strong consumer base. Hence, it may drastically impact your favourable valuation.

Helps in broadcasting your success stories

Social Media plans to raise awareness about your brand

Social media helps in emphasizing on all that your brand achieves and lets the consumers know that they are with the right partner. This platform offers quite a lot of stories which distinguish your business from competitors. It highlights the USP of your business, as well. You can pick any success story from the website, or even your YouTube channel and distribute it to gain visibility for a better rate of traction.

When an investor researches your business on different social media sites, these success stories can help in getting a perspective on how real your business is. From how your operations work to your team, social media is a great way to reinforce your ingenuity as well as your accomplishments. These stories also help in showing potential synergies clearly ti strategic buyers who want to make further investments in your business.

An important point to remember here is that as a brand, you are under constant scrutiny. Right from your investor to your consumer to your competitors, everybody keeps a track of your social media presence. All of this information is scrutinized carefully, hence being proactive and making the right strategies is quite helpful. With a great social media marketing plan in place, you would not only be able to get better sales but also achieve a much higher valuation for your business.

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