Textsheet Not Working? Sites Like Textsheet For Students

Suppose you haven’t been able to find the popular educational platform Textsheet Online, well, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. So, If you are a college student or a high school student, you will probably find yourself relatively familiar with this online learning tool. 

What Is Textsheet?

So, Textsheet was an online learning/educational platform that helped students answer pertinent questions posed in their course material. 

Each student had to gain access to answers to enter the URL for a particular course or search their questions through the search option. Well, Students searching for specific answers had to enter their queries on the search bar, and they would subsequently get answers to related items.

This tool gives to be a lifesaver for the students as it gave them better insights into various tricky subjects. Students could also get access to a wide variety of sample answers where they could cross-check their solutions. 

It is Considering that Textsheet was an open-source software packed with features, it soon became a hit among campuses and a key component in project assignments and homework assignments.

Is Textsheet Working Today?

Sadly, Textsheet is NO LONGER WORKING!

The Textsheet site was quickly brought down, and an ensuing case of Copyright infringement was slapped on the internet learning platform by Chegg. Basically, what Textsheet would do is copy student answers from other paid Sites like Chegg for Free

The point that it used Chegg’s API to locate answers and present them to students made it highly resourceful and increasingly convenient. Most maximum students using Textsheet were oblivious because this whole operation was underway behind the scenes. 

Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students

There is quite a silver lining for students left out on the lurch at the end of this sudden shutdown. Thankfulness to the ever-growing reach of online education providers on the internet, there are multiple alternatives that students can turn to. 

The article will look at the ten best Textsheet Alternatives that can be found online, what you should be looking out for in your search, and possible landmines that several paid learning platforms are prone to.



Suppose you enjoyed using Textsheet, then you would love using Chegg. The online platform has the most significant market share with the most number of users in the US. 

This company is also responsible for taking down Textsheet after it sued the company for Copyright infringement in 2019. So, Like the previous platform, it boasts of a massive database of student resources and test preparation guides.

Chegg offers some ebooks at huge discounts if you are into reading (90%, last we checked). Plus, You have the option to sell-back old textbooks after you are done with your study course. This site offers easy navigation and 24/7 support in-case you get stuck in your search or need extra help understanding your subject.  

The Chegg offers a seven day trial period for new users. There are some student packages on-offer that can be bought based on the student’s specific needs. Alternatively, Chegg offers a host of services that can be useful for students during and post-college or school life.  This software is available on PC and mobile devices and can be downloaded from the respective Android & iOS stores.

Course Hero


As the name suggests, The Course Hero is a real “hero” when you consider the over 30 million student resources it provides students. These resources are in the form of guides, research, videos, and study notes for school, subject, literature titles, and course textbooks. So, The best part is that Course Hero covers all significant issues, including advanced math, biology, English literature, and everything in between.

The Course Hero lets you self-test with preparation guides and sample test papers to test your understanding of a subject for students preparing for exams. What is more, this platform boasts of a feature called 24/7 Homework Help, which Gives personalized coaching from professional teachers & college professors.

The Course Hero comes with a $9.95 monthly membership fee. Suppose you want to avoid the prices, you can go for the “Earn Free Access” feature to access study resources after uploading your material. Essentially making it a tradeoff.



The PaperHelp is fundamentally different from Textsheet in the way it functions. So, Students looking to use the online platform are primarily looking for research papers. 

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Now you will find custom papers on various subjects, and the platform has been designed primarily for Ph.D. students. Then, if you are a Ph.D. student who thinks that writing papers are just not your cup of tea or a severe waste of time, PaperHelp will be of great help to you.

Well, Depending on your specific requirement, PaperHelp can get you with long essays or other writing services at a cost. Here, All you need to do is enter your specific requirements, and the system will calculate details of price, turn over time, and others. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, PaperHelp offers an unconditional money back.

If you’re not glad about the service you received, call the customer support team and instruct them to give your refund. This 24/7 customer support team is available round the clock to answer any and every question you may have.



It is For college students looking for an online homework assistance platform, Slader is the best bet. This provides all the great functionality that students are familiar with at a minimal cost. It gives thousands of textbook solutions and a step-by-step guide to most course questions out there. So, Students can scan their textbook barcodes or search for their textbook titles using the “search textbook” search bar.

Though the platform has an extensive database comprising some subjects, it primarily specializes in upper-level math, high school math, science, social sciences, literature and English, and a few foreign languages. This platform is available on mobile marketplaces for Android and iOS and on Windows for desktop PCs.



Another great Textsheet alternative is Studylib. Like the other online learning platforms, it has a great database of study material and student learning resources. Though, unlike the other platforms, Studylib is a little less student-friendly. Nevertheless, it still is a great medium to get most questions answers and assignments completed.

Further features include a “share” function, allowing users to share notes and study material with others. So, To make the most of this feature and others, users must register first. Well, Documents can also be filed and saved in Studylib servers to be viewed later, post registering and logging into their accounts.  

The studylib has a unique “flashcard explorer” function, which lets users browse different subject categories like math, science, computer science, special needs learning, and many other mainstream subjects. 

As mentioned earlier, the service is entirely free but does require a log. You also get a grammar and spell check feature, so you needn’t bother investing in other writing software.



It IS For High School students looking for specific help with specialized subjects, Crazyforstudy is a beautiful alternative. The service covers all significant needs for students like Textsheet, to make life easier for students. The platform boasts of a vast database of over 50 million books with easy search options for most questions.

Additionally to student course material, the platform also has an online prep test for various subjects like advanced math, science, engineering, and more. This platform is currently in use in Australia and is primarily used as a country’s student resource. That makes it a hand tool for students studying in Australia.

So, As the service is relatively new, the company offers some promotional offers to help get things started. Now, First-time users will be pleasantly surprised by the great offers on study material and resources not found elsewhere.



Coursera is another beautiful alternative to Textsheet, especially if you are looking specifically for research papers. That online learning platform was founded by two Stanford graduates looking to make learning easy and fun for the average learner. So, At present, the platform has over 40 million active users, with over 4000 online courses.

For researchers, Coursera is an excellent research platform that gives them access to an extensive learning material database and resources. Meanwhile, browsing the website, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of study material available. It makes it ideal for Ph. D. students to collect research material for their papers or even study material.

Well, Like the other online learning platforms, Coursera is available on both Android and iOS. This full suites of services are available at a small fee. Without considering what you get in return, it’s well worth the investment.



Suppose you are looking for help with additional resources on English Literature, Creative Writing, and Arts. SparkNotes is the platform for you. This platform specializes in writing guides with a database solely dedicated to making literature and the Arts. Several literature guides, including all the plays by Shakespeare, Hemmingway, and other classical authors. This learning is easy and fun, even for the uninitiated.

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Here, Lesson notes contain useful insights to help students gain a better grasp of their study material. This platform also has several test samples and quizzes to prepare for some competitive exams and home assignments. So, Like other learning platforms, SparkNotes can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.



Suppose you are a student preparing for SATs, then Collegeboard is the ideal learning platform for you. So, As an alternative to Textsheet, Collegeboard was explicitly designed for students appearing for their SAT exams. This offers some course guides and lesson notes from some of the top management schools. This platform also helps students prepare for their exams with some quizzes designed for SATs.

Besides being an excellent online learning platform, Collegeboard also lets students purchase books at a discount and exchange books at great prices. Some of the significant subjects offered are advanced math, physiology, history, and many others. 

So, Like other platforms on this list, Collegeboard is available for download on both Android and iOS. Now, Compared to the other learning platforms on the list here, Collegeboard is relatively more cost-effective and has many features designed for college students.



In addition to having a massive database of study material and courseware, Quizlet is designed to help students prepare for their upcoming exams.  So, With over 50 million active students worldwide, Quizlet has one of the varieties of question papers from over 150 different countries. Well, What’s more, the platform also boasts many tutors who guide students in their everyday learning.

The platform gives you some essay writing services and research writing services. Though these services come at a cost, it’s well worth it. Now, Their writers are generally known to be experts in their respective fields and well-versed in research writing. 

The Quizlet, like other platforms on the list, is available on Android and iOS. This service comes with a 15 day trial period that offers all the study material and free resources. This is advisable to try the 15 days before signing up for the subscription. Owing to the service’s very specialized nature, you might find another service that fits your needs better.

Is The Service Free? 

Yes, the service was free of any cost. Though the idea behind Textsheet was ingenious for its time, it did skip some legal hurdles quite blatantly. So, In particular, copyright infringement and data theft, to name a few. That made it an excellent platform for users to complete their work assignments and homework without paying a dime. 

Now, As the saying goes, “all good things come at a cost.” Textsheet was subsequently brought down after some online platforms filed lawsuits against the company. Today the once-great platform is unavailable. However, you do find some alternatives for offering their services at a cost. Some high and some not so.  

What Happened To Textsheet?

Overtime, Textsheet quickly became a massive hit among students, with millions looking to access this platform daily. Unfortunately for the website, its popularity also led to its demise.

So, With an increasing number of users signing up every day, it wasn’t long before the place caught the authorities’ eye, and a formal complaint was filed based on copyright infringement. Well, Soon after, the site was brought down, and with it, millions of students worldwide who were left helpless.

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Final Words:

The end of the Textsheet is by no means the end of online education platforms. So, The Textsheet alternatives are numerous, with each one offering their different set of features and unique propositions. 

Well, As you may have noticed, many of the services on the list come at a small cost. Here, Unlike Textsheet, they are not entirely free of charge. Now, What is important to remember is that many of these services offer free versions with limited functionality. This is then later up to you to decide whether the small fee is worth the price or not. So, choose carefully.

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