The Best Bathroom Inspirations Of 2020


A bathroom is a sacred place where we get a number of things done—be it preparing for the day ahead to removing all the makeup and excess after a long day. It certainly isn’t the first area that comes to your mind when it comes to redecorating, but you would probably agree that changing somethings up in the bathroom would really alter your morning and night routines. Besides that, the bathroom is likely to be more cost-efficient and less taxing for one to manage the remodeling given its smaller size as opposed to say the living room. The bathroom is quite a private space for both the owner themselves, to surround themselves with elements they love, and visiting guests as it speaks volumes of your personality as well. If you have the financial capability and the mental capacity, then you should totally revamp your bathroom to suit the current you.

Now that you are convinced to switch things up in your bathroom, here are some inspirations that will spark some brilliant ideas in your head to guide your bathroom remodel.

Use Graphics

Marble and brass fittings are the GOATs for the classic, upscale, and balling look today, but having an eye-catching graphic visual in your bathroom can really change how it looks. Be brave and ambitious when it comes to the graphic design chosen and you might be surprised at how well it fits the rest of your bathroom.

Pastel colors

If you love pastel colors and just can’t find any rooms in your home to incorporate these colors, then perhaps the bathroom is the place you can go totally ham and embrace your obsession with said colors. Some popular pastel colors that work amazingly well in the bathroom setting are mint and pink—colors that are sure to brighten up your mood as you get ready for the long day ahead.

Dedicate a self-care space

There’s no better way to send the message of self-care across to yourself than placing a spacious bathtub right smack in the middle of the bathroom. With this new addition to your bathroom, you will definitely get to enjoy more nights of relaxing bubble baths with some calming music playing at the side. That’s definitely one way to care for yourself.

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Another idea is to set aside some room for a vanity of sorts with all your skincare products within reach. Get yourself a big mirror with some lighting on the side, ample counter space, as well as a comfortable seater that will allow you to complete your nightly (or morning) routine with comfort. We recommend getting a mini-fridge to store your skincare products with your bathroom is not open space, as the humidity may damage your precious products.

Light it up

An often overlooked aspect of interior design has got to be the lighting. A change of lighting can drastically change the room’s mood and look, and the bathroom is no exception. Simply swap your nondescript lighting to a statement lighting piece that will make your bathroom experience lit, like literally. A word of advice is to double-check they are water-resistant before you buy.

Color Blocking and High-Contrast

Trying to incorporate some contrasting colors in your bathroom is a super-easy way to make your bathroom look modern and sleek without costing you a bomb with the furnishing, just by changing the colors of your walls. The classic color combination that will never fail you is the monochrome black and white combination. Despite saying that, you can be ambitious and swap black with another darker shade of color such as sage, and this will really set your bathroom apart from others.

If you have the budget, you can go ham too and try to get other elements in your bathroom to adhere to the color combination that you have settled on as much as possible.

Marble slabs

As mentioned, some marbling textures can enhance the luxe-feeling of your bathroom. Although they can be costly, they are worth every penny. Instead of going safe and having only the marble top for your bathroom counter, consider extending the look towards the ceiling for that grandiose look.

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Nook and Crannies

It may sound pretty obvious, but when you are working with a tight space you really have to make use of every inch you are given with. Opting for a small alcove in your shower stall to hold your toiletries is a modern and sleek way. Otherwise, think of the vertical space you have as well—you can erect side panels on one side of the four walls to display and store other items in an organized and aesthetic manner.

Stay Gold

You can never go wrong with a streak of gold that just screams opulence and luxury. Best as an accent color, gold really pairs well with high contrast or monochrome color setups in the bathroom. They draw attention to the eyes and look elegant when used in moderation. This is also why gold-colored brass fixtures are so popular in bathrooms nowadays—they add a nice touch to the overall look of the bathroom without being too overbearing.

Clear Glass

If you happen to not be sharing your bathroom with your easily scandalized family members, consider having a clear glass partition for your shower instead of a curtain or a wall of bricks. This really helps to open and brighten up the bath area, making you feel airy and relaxed as in step into this chic space. Pair this with other cool textures such as marbled or graphic prints for the floor for a killer combination.


The bathroom is your sacred place—do not be afraid to experiment and make it your very own personal space. If you read this piece and feel like you can do with something louder and bombastic, then by all means go and do it! We will be supporting you. There are just endless possibilities one can do to switch up the often neglected bathroom. We hope our article has inspired you in one way or another to get you redecorating your bathroom.

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