The Effects Of Marijuana On A Relationship

Relationships can be challenging at the best of times. The real complications arise when there is an addiction or a 3rd party involved. But what if the 3rd wheel isn’t another person but your addiction itself? Can one of your vices get so out of control they can be as damaging as an affair? We examine the effects that cannabis use and abuse can have on a loved one once they fall down the pecking order and are no longer a priority compared to marijuana.

The Stigma

It may not be a big deal to you as a user, but whether you like it or not, there is still a certain perception of using marijuana and those that do it. Society is no-doubt more accepting than it once was, but the stigma around marijuana remains, and it’s important to understand it even if you disagree with it. Finding someone to consume the herb with them would be every user’s dream, but for every one you find in favor, even in the modern world we live in, you could find 3 or 4 that oppose it.


Love is complicated, and finding romance when you enjoy cannabis is certainly not straightforward, but it is not all bad. The positives are that marijuana can significantly improve your sex-life and make you a calm, passionate lover with a heightened sense of arousal. Your partner will benefit too as you relax and enjoy their company more while under the influence, becoming more attentive and appreciative of the whole experience. This, in turn, can transform the connection between the two of you into something much deeper and gratifying than regular sex.

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First Impressions

It’s part of the old cliche club, but if you aren’t honest at the beginning hiding your relationship with marijuana from your date, it will eventually come back to bite you further down the line. If you aren’t lucky enough to have met in a situation where you were both using or around people who were, it might be an idea to drop it in a conversation before things progress. In all likelihood, they will appreciate your honesty, even if they ultimately decide you aren’t for them, but you never know they say ‘great’ and join you! Honesty is the best policy, and you only get one chance to make a good first impression, don’t let it be a lie.

Different Circumstances

Ok, so let’s imagine that it’s too late for the above scenario discussed because you already lied and are in too deep. Where do you go now, and what do you do next? Well, there are two ways of looking at it, and each circumstance is very different;

Person A

Firstly if you failed to mention your habit of using the occasional bit of marijuana after a few drinks with friends and know it’s only a matter of time before your partner finds out, then it’s time to sink or swim. Either casually lay out how you envisage your next night out and see how they react when you bring it up OR get totally wasted and let her catch you in the act so you’ll be so out of it and won’t care about her response either way. Risky business, whichever you choose!

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Person B

Secondly, suppose you have decided to live the total lie and claim that your old medical marijuana card in Louisiana is still valid and you’re smoking away for some fictional medical condition relief, however, in reality. In that case, you are just a recreational cannabis user and can’t tell your partner; then you’re in deep. The lack of trust, dishonesty, and lying for however long you have maintained this charade will not go down well when your partner discovers the real reason you love the herb. Either way, come clean and plead for sympathy and forgiveness or carry on the manipulation, and whatever you do, DO NOT GET CAUGHT!

Final Thoughts

Ultimately marijuana can take your relationship to the next level with the right person, but if you let it consume you, then even that special someone will get hurt and lose patience with you. Using cannabis as a tool to heighten your intimacy and sexual pleasure as a couple can be invigorating as long as you don’t lose the spark and become dependent on it for making-love. As elevating as it can be, the destructive nature of an unbalanced abuse of the herb and an inadvertent priority shift could see you lose more than you gain by maintaining your favorite extracurricular activity.

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