The iPad Repair Guide: How you can Resolve Common Problems?

iPad repair can be an expensive and tedious process. Troubleshooting is important in determining how to repair the iPad and what steps were skipped during the repair process. In this guide, we will show you how to resolve the most common iPad issues.

  1. Perform a Soft reset

A soft reset is the most convenient way to resolve issues like freezing, rebooting, crashing, being unable to make/receive calls, and a variety of other software-related problems. Although a soft reset should not delete your data, it is always a good idea to keep a backup of your critical data.

Press and hold the power button and the home button to do a soft reset on your iPad.

  1. Perform a Hard reset

On the contrary, a hard reset helps solve issues, such as touch screen problems, frozen or a blank screen, random noises, crashing apps, and sync errors. Remember that a hard reset will clean all your data from the device.

  1. The iPad’s back camera isn’t working

If the pictures appear hazy on your iPad, but when you download them on your computer, you can get a clear view of them, it means that there is a problem with the screen and not the camera.

If the pictures appear a little fuzzy then clean the camera lens with a soft cloth. It will remove the dirt that gets attached to the lens while shipping. Also, ensure that there are no scratches for protective films over the camera lens.

If none of the methods mentioned above work, it means that you have a dysfunctional or a broken camera. In that case, visit an iPad repair shop at the earliest.

  1. The iPad’s charge port flex cable isn’t functioning correctly

Try connecting your iPad to your computer. Your charge port is fine if your device is connecting to iTunes. In such cases, check your iPad’s battery and replace it if it’s dysfunctional.

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In case parts other than the charge port aren’t working to their optimum level, ensure that every part is plugged in correctly while you are reassembling your device.

If you are still not able to solve the problem, you have a broken or defective flex cable.

  1. The iPad’s front camera isn’t working correctly

If your iPad’s front camera isn’t responding, then try soft reset before reopening your device. The soft reset will clear the cache memory of the front camera and allow it to work correctly. Otherwise, check the front camera’s alignment. Sometimes the top glass blocks the front camera lens, thereby not allowing it to take pictures.

Moreover, if the pictures appear hazy on your iPad, but are seen clearly when you download them on your computer, it means there is an issue with the LCD screen and not the camera. After trying the steps mentioned above, if the front camera still doesn’t work, you should visit an iPad repair centre to fix your device.

  1. The iPads LCD screen isn’t working correctly

Perform a soft reset if your screen turns completely white or black. The iPad’s screen turns wholly white or black if its internal software rejects newly installed parts. A soft reset will delete temporary data that isn’t allowing the new part to function optimally.

Check whether your screen’s backlight is on? If there is no backlight and no display, then it means that your LCD isn’t plugged correctly. In such a case, ensure that the LCD is fixed correctly.

If you find too many blotches on your screen, it shows that immense pressure has been applied to the LCD at some time. Open your iPad and be sure that there is no residue glass left from the original broken screen.

  1. The iPad’s digitizer isn’t functioning optimally

If the digitizer isn’t responding to touch, check whether the cable is crimped or not. Crimping is the main reason for microfractures in the thin metal within the flex cable. Cracked metal doesn’t allow power and other impulses to flow through the device. It would be best if you check that the flex cable is plugged in properly. This is because flex cables that need to fit into a specified position can become loose during reassembly.

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An iPad is one of the most high-performing digital devices in the market. You can stay in touch with your friends on social media, play the best quality games, watch movies in ultra-high definition, and listen to your favourite songs in a lag-free environment. But remember that they are also one of the most expensive items out there. If your iPad experiences physical damage or software issues, then don’t hesitate to go to an iPad repair centre at the earliest.

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