What is Cloud Computing ? Everything you need to know

Cloud Computing in Brief

Cloud Computing

It is a technology that provides services and solutions with the power of remote computing over the Internet, so it is called the cloud, being in a remote place like the cloud, providing value to everyone who uses it and it is of great benefit to all customers, by entering the world of the cloud you will be able to connect to your cloud space from anywhere and through the web browser On your device, whether it is a computer, a smartphone, a tablet or an iPad.

Cloud computing Features

  1. Self-service upon request
  2. Expandable
  3. Wide network reach
  4. Flexibility to resize by enlarging or shrinking business
  5. Low cost
  6. Maintaining the continuity of work without interruption

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Cloud deployment models

Cloud computing is classified according to the nature of deployment into four types of cloud:

  1. Public Cloud: In which the service provider provides its cloud services through the public cloud so that it is available to everyone for free. An infrastructure, platform, or free applications are provided, such as free book reading apps or translator via Google and many more.
  2. The private cloud: in which the cloud service provider provides its cloud services through the private cloud to a specific category such as companies, institutions, or individuals in a paid manner according to the use of the computing resources provided and only authorized persons who have a username belonging to this cloud are allowed to enter this cloud with the aim of Increase security and protect private data.
  3. Hybrid cloud: It is a mixture of public and private clouds that is provided by one or more cloud service providers according to the needs of the user (individual or organization). As for the cloud services in the public cloud part, it is free, and if the customer wants to obtain greater advantages, he may resort to reserving a private cloud To raise and develop his business and protect it from any penetration. There is a firewall located between them to prevent penetration between them.
  4. Community Cloud: A community cloud is for a class of society in which all members of this community participate, such as The health community (the health sector) participates in patient files, here a community cloud is created that everyone who has permission to access in the medical sector can log in to it and view the data For patients, which raises business efficiency.
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Cloud Computing Services models

Cloud computing is also classified according to the type of service provided by the service provider into three main types, namely:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): Infrastructure as a service is the provision of computing resources according to the needs of the customer and upon request. It books what he wants with the ability to expand and contract according to his needs, while the payment is based on the extent of use. In it, the user does not need to purchase computing equipment, but rather he needs to install a basic system to work on, and he must add his applications and programs that he wishes to work on this cloud infrastructure.
  • Platform as a service (PaaS): Platform system as a service through which the infrastructure, platform, and operating environment are provided for the customer to install his programs and applications in order to be able to install, examine, and publish applications and businesses via the cloud.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): In Software as a Service, the customer only needs to log in via the Internet browser, log in to the cloud, start using programs and applications, and develop their business without the need for infrastructure, basic system, or software installation, all of which are available on the cloud.

Example of Cloud Services Providers

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