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Why Parents Love Springfree Trampolines?

One of the most exciting pieces of playground equipment is the trampoline. Kids have a blast jumping, running, and playing games on the heavy mat surface. However, parents are less joyful due to the fear over their little one’s possibility of getting hurt, a common occurrence on standard units.

The creators of Springfree trampolines Ireland intended to eliminate the potential risk for injuries of jumpers much as possible. These boast as among the safest trampolines in the industry, designed without the addition of chunky springs.

Instead, the unit offers a system of flexible rods that create a seamless bounce that doesn’t jar the jumper. These are situated under the surface to avoid harm. There are fewer instances of falls as the system encourages young feet back to the center of the mat, and the zippered net keeps everyone safe in the enclosure.

Safety Tips To Help Make Your Springfree Trampoline Even Safer

Springfree Trampolines boast as the safest in the industry. The system took approximately 15 years, endless testing, and stages of development to come to its current status. It is not only a child’s dream come true but parents as well.

A parent will always worry when it comes to any playground equipment, but there is less of a reason to with this particular piece due to its design.

The trampoline itself passes many safety standards, but steps need taking as someone using the unit and a parent supervising needs to ensure proper use, so no one gets hurt due to lack of following directions.

While designers and those in charge of testing for safe standards can ensure the optimum equipment, it ultimately comes down to how jumpers are using or misusing the system if anyone gets hurt. Some things that a jumper young and those young at heart need to abide by include:

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Keep Jumping to A Minimum

Smaller and lighter jumpers need keeping in their own little group, with the bigger jumpers taking their turns separately and not too many at one time. The rule is generally one at a time for the tiny ones. There should always be an adult present unless the adults are jumping (still have a spotter), and everyone needs to follow set rules.

Turns, Twirls, Tricks

Anything fancies like a flip or a trick needs restricting to those specifically trained to do so. Those who have little skill in these activities run a significant risk of getting hurt when they land awkwardly. The only people who should engage in fancy footwork are those with unique skills and not in front of little ones who want to mimic the behavior.

Why Parents Love Springfree Trampolines?

Toys / Games / Balls

The trampoline is supposed to be for jumping, and that does sound stern. But anything strewn over the surface has the potential for harm if someone were to fall on it or trip over it. If a small person wants to play with toys, they should be encouraged to do so off the mat in another area of the yard. A ball is cool and can encourage great fun. But games and toys have their place, and the surface where you’re jumping is not it.

Nothing Underneath

Keep everything and everyone, including pets, out from under the unit when a child or adult is jumping on the trampoline. It can create harm for everyone, including the person bouncing.

Final Thought

Springfree strives to be the safest among the trampolines on the market, and its design means to eliminate injury from those enjoying the equipment. Click to learn the difference between Springfree and traditional models. There is only so many creators can do. The rest is up to parents and to their kids to secure their own safety.

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It’s imperative to establish and stand by rules for anyone using the system to avoid any potential for harm ultimately. Keeping toys off the mat, little ones bouncing one at a time, and no one under the unit when someone is jumping will allow everyone to have a good time without any fear of someone getting hurt. Everyone wants kids to have the best time, but safely.

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